Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Gnesi = Iseng

Kata kuis di facebook, saya itu:

You are very loved. Everyone finds you a welcoming, warm person. They look to you for advice and comfort, and someone to just have a good time with. Your personality is seen as cliche and average, but in truth, you have talents and skills and ideas that no one has thought of before. You are someone with style. You are good with colors, and you know how to color people's worlds and minds to your way. You think new relationships are a coloring book, to fill them in with fulfilling conversations and meetings. You may seem nice and perfect and beautiful, you have a policy of "forgive but never forget". You always remember your enemies if you have any, and you know where to steer. Sometimes, when you're completely lost, you are dependent on friends for help. You hope they'll be there for you, but sometimes you fear that they won't be. That is something you are afraid of. You are ready to give, but you are also ready to accept. To many, it seems like you change your personality just for different people, but in fact, you are the one thing that's not changing. Other people grow on you, and grow fond of you, not the other way around. You are always yourself, and you are definite.


Aduh, tolong ya itu diterjemahkan. Haha.

Saya cuma nangkep:
You may seem nice and perfect and beautiful.
Ini saya banget loh. *kedipkedip*

Ini link kuisnya:

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  1. aha aha..
    bener kok bener..
    (kaya ngerti artine bae ya)